MDSol expands

Marine Data Solutions (MDSol), the market leader in maritime surveillance technologies, announced yesterday (Wednesday 7 October 2015) that it has acquired a majority shareholding in Marine Radio Acoustic Devices (MRAD), which provides a wide range of brands in electronic equipment for the marine and fisheries industries.
The acquisition further enhances MDSol’s aim of providing its customers, which include maritime authorities and related industries, with a holistic product offering in all aspects of marine technologies and systems, according to Steve Nell, Managing Director of MDSol.
“We are extremely pleased that MRAD has joined the MDSol group of companies, and believe our respective areas of expertise will bring a new — and hitherto unmatched — level of service, technology and product support to our mutual customer bases,” says Nell.
Part of the global Kongsberg group, MDSol provides state-of-the-art maritime systems and solutions, with the largest installed base of marine domain awareness (MDA) technologies on the African continent.
MRAD, established in 1998 by Eddy Elschot, General Manager, and Brad Baker, Workshop Manager, specialises in on-board vessel systems technology, including radar systems and sonar devices, among others. With strong brand equity in the market, the company will continue to operate independently under its own brand name, albeit under the MDSol Group ‘umbrella’. Elschot and Baker will continue in their management roles with Nell assuming the role of Managing Director of MRAD.
With 18 years of experience in the industry, and a particular focus on fisheries and the maritime research environment, MRAD has a well-established and solid customer base. While the company’s focus will remain on its existing customers, the acquisition will provide opportunities for future growth, says Elschot.
“While MRAD has enjoyed sustained growth over the years, leveraging MDSol’s significant geographic reach and logistic capabilities — as well as their maritime technology excellence — will create significant opportunities for growth which we were not able to previously achieve.
“Our relationship is a highly synergistic one, and both companies will benefit enormously from a shared customer base,” Elschot adds.
Nell says there is an invaluable ‘meeting ground’ between the two companies in terms of product, service and technology synergies. “In addition, we have found that we share a common approach when it comes to organisational culture, commitment to excellence, work ethic and focus on customer service.”
The acquisition has been on the cards for more than two years, during which period the two companies have worked together on various projects.
For MDSol, established in 2004, the agreement with MRAD is a further fulfilment of its strategic vision to be the technology solutions provider of choice to Africa’s maritime industry.
“We believe this acquisition is well timed and will provide a strong foundation on which both companies can grow and prosper. We welcome MRAD aboard and look forward to bringing our respective customers the benefits of our mutual expertise in service of the maritime industry as a whole — truly a fleet to be reckoned with!” Nell says.

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