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Vision and Mission


Our aim is:

To build on our substantial levels of skills, expertise and many years of experience, both company and individual, that have allowed us to provide a wide variety of services to many satisfied clients all over Africa and in Asia.

To provide this expanded level of services in more geographical areas.

To achieve this by building on our existing partnerships with International Maritime Consultancies and other partners with regional presence.


Our vision is to expand our services to other areas and/or regions by both cementing our relationships with our present partners and associates and by seeking and securing further partners and associates.

Whilst continuing to provide professional services to our valued existing clients, at the same time as securing and satisfying potential new clients.

Mission and Objectives

  • To continue to provide cost effective, professional maritime consultancy services in the global maritime environment.
  • To ensure that we continue to satisfy our existing client base.
  • To continue to expand our spread of expertise by cementing our relationships with existing partners and associates and seeking new partners and associates.
  • To continue to expand our client base by seeking and securing new partners with local or regional reach within Africa and Australasia.

Contact Information

BMC Africa – Burport Marine Consultancy (Africa) Pty Ltd.

Contact:  (+27) 84 729 1672

Cape Town, Republic of South Africa